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“Cheryl & Ron are great people who really love Bucks County -so much so that they moved away and came back again just a few years later. They are great friends and neighbors and are extremely hardworking and honest!”

Mary Ann McLean

Cheryl and Ron are that rare combination of professionally and financially successful individuals who are also grounded, pragmatic, friendly, and approachable. Ron’s work ethic is unsurpassed and Cheryl’s taste is impeccable. All of her homes have been showcases, but at the same time, very warm, inviting, and livable. I trust them implicitly, and I wish them all the best as they embark on their newest endeavor.

Jennifer L Connor, Esq.

I have been lucky enough to meet Cheryl and Ron Eicholtz through C & R Home Buyers LLC. They are honest and trustworthy real estate investors. They focus on buying homes that need some “loving” and transforming them into beautiful dream homes!! They definitely go the extra mile in giving value to the next homeowner. Cheryl and Ron look at each project as if it were their own home; thus, yielding a superior product!! I highly recommend their homes. You won’t be disappointed!!

Vaughn Derassouyan

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